Arum Okwo

November 1, 2022

Hometown: Katy, Texas
Year at Baylor: Sophomore
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Q: How did you decide on Baylor? 

A: Honestly, Baylor wasn’t on my radar when I had first started my college applications. It wasn’t until one of my friends mentioned Baylor that I came to find out that this place even existed! When I later mentioned Baylor to my mother and she insisted that I should apply, I knew Baylor had to be a good place to go to if they both held it in such high regard.

I have really fallen in love with Baylor. I have never been the type of person to care about any institution or tradition, but the love and care that I have felt here on campus has really changed my tune. I am eternally grateful that I get to come here instead of other colleges that I once considered.

Q: Talk some about which student organizations/extracurricular activities you are involved in at Baylor and ECS. What have any of those experiences been like? 

A: Despite COVID-19 forcing a lot of activities to be shut down during my first year, I have managed to be involved with some of the organizations here at Baylor. I am currently involved with IEEE, Bears for Life and OsoLaunch. I had the blessing to serve as a Line Camp leader for the ECS session during the summer. Being able to introduce others to Baylor and help them get adjusted to life on campus was a wonderful experience. For the most part, these organizations have been eye-opening experiences for me, sharing with me a world that I had never been a part of before.

Q: What has been your favorite ECS class and why? 

A: While I am growing a fondness for the digital logic class that I am currently in, I would have to say that EGR 1302: Intro to Engineering Analysis has been my favorite one that I have completed. Learning how to use MATLAB and some general programming skills was a good time in my experience.

Q: What are your plans after graduation and career goals? 

A: I am not particular about working for a particular company. I mainly want to work somewhere in the solutions industry; being able to work on a multitude of projects that help a variety of people’s problems is the ideal job, in my opinion. It feels like the peak engineer career.