2017 From the Dean

Welcome to the new issue of Synergyy Magazine!

November 15, 2017

In this issue of Synergy, we are excited to provide examples of Baylor’s mission in action — where engineering and computer science intersect with humanitarian need. We didn’t have to dig deep to find stories that illustrate how our students integrate their faith with their talents and skills to make an impact on the people and communities around them. 

You’ll read about how our senior design students created much-needed products for two precious little girls with special needs, Camille and Emmeline; how our students in Engineers with a Mission are serving communities in our home state of Texas as well as internationally; how designing a Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) for competition led to meeting a need for farmers in Rwanda; and how a group of computer science students in Computing 4 Compassion are solving problems and helping local nonprofits be more efficient in order to serve more people. 

You’ll get a look into these projects from different perspectives. You’ll meet Kimmie Sandusky, an engineering alumna who played a part in building Camille’s Swing; and Robert Schmitz, an engineering senior who is on the team that’s building Emmeline’s Child Mobility Aid. Lastly, we will say hello to three new faculty members and a fond farewell to two, dear retired members of our ECS team who passed this year.

The hearts and minds of our students and faculty are challenged daily to solve complicated problems and make life better for our communities and our world. It’s the Baylor difference! 

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of Synergy as much as we have enjoyed putting these stories together. Next time you’re in town, please stop by! I look forward to seeing you soon.

Dr. Dennis O'Neal
Dean of the School of
Engineering and Computer Science


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