Synergy 2018
Researching For The Sky

Top-flight faculty pioneer research poised to make dramatic improvements in the aerospace industry for generations to come.

Dynamic Duo

3D printing is coming to the factory of the future. Baylor faculty and students are able to pursue that future through the use of large-scale printers.

Breaking Through

Dr. Seung Kim can imagine a day in the future where early detection of major diseases ranging from cancer to heart disease will be as simple as the blood test a diabetic uses to detect low blood sugar.

Senior Design: The Ultimate Learning Experience

When hiring, companies and clients are not only looking for students who have earned good grades, they are looking for students who have experience in their respective fields.

2018 Student Profile: Madeline Stephens

Madeline Stephens, a senior electrical engineering major, traveled to Dublin, Ireland, to study at University College Dublin (UCD).

2018 Board Profile

Behind the scenes of the daily activity in the School of Engineering & Computer Science (ECS) lies the Board of Advocates. Their valuable insight into the engineering and computer science industries. Meet Don McErlean and Don Roberts.

2018 Annual Report

Baylor University
School of Engineering and Computer Science
Fiscal Year 2017

2018 From the Dean

In this year’s issue of Synergy, we focus on the tremendous strides our faculty are making for the aerospace, medical and manufacturing industries.

The Eleven: A Gift Dedicated to Lives Lost

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill is considered the largest marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry.

Blackhawk Modifications

When Baylor graduate students were in need of an engine for research, they did not shy away from asking for one. The students literally went door-to-door asking if local companies had any engine parts to spare. They landed at the steps of Blackhawk Modifications.

BUV in Uganda

In May 2018, a group of Baylor engineering students will fly to Uganda, Africa, to teach local trade school students how to build a Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) at the Village of Hope (VOH).

ECS Board of Advocates

Rooster of Board Members

2018 New Faces

Meet Dr. Černý, Dr. von Jouanne, Dr. Yokochi, Dr. Spence, Professor Potter, and Dr. Terrell.

2018 Elsewhere at Baylor

Read this Baylor News: Mission Teams Provide Harvey and Hunger Relief, Music Professor Receives Grammy Nomination, A Plan to Foster Student Learning Through Deepened Global Engagement, Baylor Program Rankings, and Latino Leaders Magazine Names Baylor to List of Best Colleges.