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Synergy Spring 2020

It's All Material

Harnessing friendship, calling and innovation to build a transformational Materials Science program at Baylor

It's All Material

Harnessing friendship, calling and innovation to build a transformational materials science program at Baylor

Summer of Discovery

For Baylor computer science students, a summer conducting research in the Czech Republic did more than broaden horizons. It shifted perspectives and altered trajectories - propelling them toward possibilities they hadn't previously imagined.

Learning to Compete and Competing to Learn

By venturing outside of the traditional classroom and engaging in competition, students gain real-world opportunities that enhance their educational experience.

Robotics That Mimic The Brain

In the burgeoning field of neruomorphic computing, Dr. Scott Koziol is pioneering research of robotics and neuroscience.

From the Dean

This year, Baylor’s School of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) celebrates 25 years! Baylor chose to shine the light on our engineering and computer science programs in 1995 when the University created the School, and our work continues to be an important part of Baylor's strategic plan, Illuminate.

Investing in Biological and Biomedical Engineering: Mearse Gift

In November 2019, Baylor University announced the funding of a new endowed faculty position within the School of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS). 

Alumni Profile: Heather Benoit

Heather Benoit graduated from Baylor's School of Engineering and Computer Science with a bachelor's degree in engineering in 2009 and her master's in biomedical engineering in 2011.

Student Profile: Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez, a senior computer science major, took a long and winding road to Baylor. Moving away from a small town in Mexico to Houston as a kid, graduating high school and enrolling in community college classes, transferring to UTSA and finally arriving at Baylor, Lopez has a remarkable story that is rooted in a search for community that he found within his Baylor family in Waco.

Board Profile: Rick Tullis

I knew I wanted to be an engineer in the eighth grade, mainly because of my love for aviation. I applied to Baylor at the urging of my high school best friend who had come to Baylor the year before.

Spring 2020 New Faces

Meet Dr. Emmanuel Agamloh, Dr. Lulin Jiang, Dr. Min Pack, and Dr. Abhendra K. Singh.

Spring 2020 Elsewhere at Baylor

Baylor news about research, Africa's Lake Victoria, a special Baylor license plate, Truett Seminary, and our 175 years celebration.