2015 New Faces - Staff

November 14, 2015

Academic Advising

As part of the ongoing commitment to student retention and success, the School of Engineering & Computer Science expanded the academic advising staff by adding Jessica Kelly and Caroline Clark, two new academic advisors.

Jessica Kelly

Academic Advisor
School of Engineering and
Computer Science

Jessica brings her broad range of experience in public education and affinity to Baylor’s Christian mission to her role as an academic advisor to engineering majors. 

“I love the holistic approach we have in ECS advising and the opportunity to help guide and support a student though their educational journey,” said Jessica. “In ECS, we have some of the brightest, most driven students at Baylor, and working with them brings so much joy to my day.”

Jessica has three children, ages 4, 6 and 9. In her spare time, she loves to cook, read and spend time outside. 

“My first year in ECS has been a whirlwind of learning and experiencing new things,” said Jessica. “It’s busy, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am so happy to be part of an encouraging and positive team that supports each other.”

Caroline Clark

Academic Advisor
School of Engineering and
Computer Science

Part of that team includes fellow newbie, Caroline Clark. Caroline is a Baylor graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a Master of Education in Higher Education and Student Affairs. 

“Being an academic advisor in ECS is unique in that I get to be a part of recruiting potential students and their families, welcoming them to the ECS community as new students, and then guiding them through their academic experience,” said Caroline. “I take on many roles with the students I advise – listener, challenger, planner, encourager, mentor, and cheerleader. This past year has been a great learning experience and a cherished opportunity to invest in the lives of Baylor ECS students. Our undergraduate programs team is an incredible group of professionals that are truly passionate about helping ECS students be successful at Baylor and beyond.”

Caroline is the youngest of five children and the fourth to attend Baylor. After almost seven years living in Waco, Caroline officially calls herself a “Wacoan.” When she is not cheering on the Bears, Caroline loves to drink coffee, read, and spend time with her family.

With the addition of Jessica and Caroline, ECS students not only have added support and guidance throughout their academic career at Baylor, but also a built-in fan base cheering them on to success. 

Graduate Programs

In addition to the growth of the undergraduate programs, ECS has continued to expand the graduate programs and research opportunities available to graduate students and faculty. The graduate programs’ growth required additional staff to support faculty and graduate students. 

Jodi Branch was hired in November as the graduate program coordinator for the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Before coming to Baylor, Jodi worked for L-3 Communications in Waco as an administrative assistant.  

“I am excited to have this new opportunity to learn,” said Jodi. “Baylor has a lot to offer as it continues to grow, and I enjoy helping and guiding students along their journey.”

During her free time, Jodi enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She also enjoys reading, doing crafts and solving puzzles, fitting for a new staff member in Mechanical Engineering. 

In addition to Jodi, Linda Kerr transitioned from her role in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering as office manager to graduate program coordinator. 

Support Staff

As ECS continues to grow, there is a need to hire additional support staff to maintain facilities, labs, and support departmental functions. 

Patrick Clancy

Server Administrator
School of Engineering and
Computer Science

Patrick Clancy joined ECS as the server administrator after working for eight years as the radio and television technician in the Castellaw Communication Building. In this role, Patrick will oversee servers within ECS and fix any bugs while also handling backups to recover and restore any lost data if the situation arises.   

“I am an IT fanatic,” says Patrick. “I have such a passion for technology that I enjoy working on it at home in my spare time as well as at work.”

Patrick was eager to rejoin the Baylor community after teaching at Texas State Technical College and finishing his IT degree. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, and two sons.

“My first year back at Baylor has been a challenging, but rewarding experience,” he added. “It gave me the opportunity to learn more things in an ever changing industry.”

Kenneth Ulibarri

Electronic Systems Manager Department of Electrical and 
Computer Engineering

In addition to the technical support offered by Patrick, Kenneth Ulibarri joined the ECS staff as the Electronic Systems Manager for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

In this position, Kenneth applies the skills and knowledge gained from his tenure at SpaceX in McGregor, Texas, where he worked as the lead power systems electrical engineer responsible for all power distributions from grid to test facilities.  

“I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with students as well as faculty,” Kenneth says.  “My goal is to help make Baylor a cutting-edge research experience for students and faculty.”

Helping enhance the experience for students and faculty involves a great deal of assistance from the ECS staff. Stepping in to fill the role of Administrative Associate for the Department of Computer Science is Kristen Balderas.

Kristen joins the Computer Science staff after spending the last few years as the office administrator for a local marketing company.

Dean’s Office

Kate Amaya

Director of Communications &
External Relations
School of Engineering and
Computer Science

Recruiting outstanding high school students, new faculty members and corporate partners is important to the success of our engineering and computer science programs. Filling the role of Director of Communications & External Relations is Kate Amaya. 

In this role, Kate will bring her experience in marketing and public relations to attract new employers as campus recruiters and provide additional information and updates to key ECS stakeholders through digital and print communication pieces. 

“There is so much growth and potential at Baylor ECS right now,” says Kate. “I want students, alumni and companies to know that the benefits of a Baylor degree do not end after college, and I am passionate about creating new opportunities that contribute to the School’s ongoing success.”

Kate is a 2004 Baylor graduate. In her free time, she likes to read, hike and spend time with her husband and two sons.