Alumni Profile: Maggie Being

November 14, 2015


Current job description

Halliburton is the world’s largest oilfield service company, providing products and services to companies in the oil and gas industry throughout the world. As part of the Cementing Applied Sciences and Processes (CASP) team, I work with an amazing group to perform research and develop Halliburton’s cement systems. 

Cement is used in the oil and gas industry to provide support and pressure isolation in wells. Our projects include the development and testing of new additives for cement, which are used to change its behavior or mechanical properties. We also work to develop new test methods to characterize the cement. 

Information on how your time at Baylor equipped you for your current position

Both the undergraduate and graduate lab and research experience I received at Baylor have been especially helpful to me during the first few months of my career. I am currently working with Halliburton’s flagship Well Life® software suite, which uses data from mechanical properties testing and the conditions in the well to predict if a cement system will survive all of the induced stresses for the lifetime of the well. This software is especially exciting because Well Life® is the leading software in the industry. 

Other engineering opportunities at Halliburton

Halliburton offers a large number of opportunities for engineers. There are field jobs where engineers work on a rig site with tools or products. Each product line, such as cementing or drill bits, also has a research and development program to optimize and design new systems and equipment. Engineers from all disciplines are able to work together to develop unique solutions to the most complex and challenging problems in the oil and gas industry. 

Any advice for current students

Internships are extremely important. In addition to providing industry experience, they can be excellent networking opportunities. Attend industry or organization sponsored conferences and exhibits in your area of interest. These will identify the leaders in the industries and are an important part of building your professional network.