Blackhawk Modifications

November 16, 2018

When Baylor graduate students were in need of an engine for research, they did not shy away from asking for one. The students literally went door-to-door asking if local companies had any engine parts to spare. They landed at the steps of Blackhawk Modifications, where they met Amber Dunkin, director of sales support, who is in charge of core engines. 

Amber has a long-standing affection for Baylor, as does Blackhawk Modifications which was “born and raised” in Waco. The company agreed to donate a turboprop engine – a value of $90,000 – with the hope that students would gain knowledge of the intricate inner workings of these engines and a passion for aviation. 

“New aviators are so important to the aviation industry, and we hope that this program will help encourage students to pursue aviation-related careers,” said Lindsay Allmon, marketing coordinator for Blackhawk Modifications. “Blackhawk is so happy to be able to assist and encourage Baylor in educating the next generation of aviators! Blue skies!”